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Club General Info 2018

Welcome to the Harpenden Arrows Running Club!

Arrows do Fred Hughes

Our aim is to be a fun social club accessible to all from your first few miles to a marathon.
Come and Run with us.

Not sure if you are ready to join a club? Check our joiners guide - you are probably fine!

We meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7.20pm - aiming to run just after 7:30pm
Whatever pace you run at, there will be somebody for you to run with.

Meeting Place : St Georges School Sports Centre, Carlton Road (except for the 5k each month we we try to meet a little earlier)

The next running of our 5K handicap race will be 20th Feb 2018 (to be confirmed) running on the Winter course.  Cake night afterwards. MARSHALS AND RUNNERS NEEDED. Contact Richard for details.

Club Notices

PLEASE WEAR HI VIZ on dark club nights - its dark out there!

Orders for Club Kit - please fill in an order form and give it to John  WITH THE MONEY

Next Club 5k Handicap provisionally Tue 20th Feb 2018 - Winter course (Yay!)- cake after. Looking for the 5k Handicap Results?


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In Case of Emergency Tags (ICE)

IN CASE of EMERGENCY (ICE) identification tags. All runners are encouraged to carry with them an ICE tag whenever and wherever they run. The company ICEtags will do a set of three, each with the Arrows logo on the back and your info on the front, currently (April 2017) for only £4.20 (including postage) ... a real bargain. Each tag comes with a small hole so you can thread your shoe lace through it and have it permanently fixed to your shoe so you never forget it. The club logo is already stored at ICEtags.

Read more: In Case of Emergency Tags (ICE)

Club Ethos

We've tried to capture the character of our club in a club ethos statement.

As many of us run to improve, we are always running with the aim to catch the person just in front but please be mindful as a runner in a club you are also responsible for looking out for the person just behind.

As a running CLUB we welcome members in all shapes and sizes.


Read more: Club Ethos

Suggestion Box

Mail your suggesstions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The club is run by a small management committee - all runners like yourself - but we don't necessarily know all the answers all of the time. There is a lot of stuff to do to keep the club working smoothly but if you have a suggestion for something new or to change something we'd love to hear it.

Read more: Suggestion Box

Running Safety

Safe running tips

Just a few thoughts to help you stay safe when running.

1. If at all possible don't run on your own. Running with a 'buddy' is much easier especially on those long marathon training runs.
2. Even if you travel light carry some form of ID with you - a card with your name and an 'ICE' number (In Case of Emergency). A phone is a good idea too if you can manage it.
3. Do some warm up exercises (rather than stretches) before you start your run. These should be designed to increase your heart rate and prepare your body for running.

Read more: Running Safety

Where to meet

We have the the use of a room and additional facilities at the St George's School Sports Centre off Carlton Road. As well as the hire of a room we will also be able to use some of the other facilities in the centre too. From now on we are asking people to follow the signs to the sports centre and go straight in and upstairs to 'our' room. The first member of the club committe to arrive will go and get the key - but the room will normally be unlocked already when we arrive. We meet on Tuesdays and Thurdays at about 7:20 pm ready to run at about 7:30

Read more: Where to meet

Arrows Kit

Harpenden Town Coat of Arms features red and white stripes (full description here) so it was natural for the Arrows to adopt the Harpenden colours. Officially we run in red vests with white side panels and black shorts. (Yes it really is that specific!)

There are a couple of local clubs with 'similar' colours - but ours is best of course!


Read more: Arrows Kit


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