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Running with the club – regular club nights

The club meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings – usually at St George’s School Sports Centre. We get anything between a dozen and 40 people on an evening with a range of abilities from new runners right through to ultra marathon runners. We divide up into groups depending on pace (speed) and distance that people want to run. There are usually about 3 groups. In each group there is at least one run leader who will be responsible for getting you back home in one piece.
If you’ve only run 2 or 3 miles already then we will probably ask you to run with our 4 mile group, probably at about 10 or 11 minutes per mile.

Our New Member Induction committee member usually organises this group and takes you round at a sensible pace for the attendees there on the night.

There is a ‘middle’ group who will usually run about 5 miles or so. Because the spread of abilities is wide in this group we typically ‘loop’ the front runners round to the back to keep the group together and make sure the faster people work harder! Typically this group runs at about 8 to 9:30 minutes per mile – but because of the looping nobody gets left behind whatever speed you run at.

There is a faster 5 /6 mile group which tends to run at about 8 min per mile or better. Depending on who is there they may ‘loop’ or not or if there is new runner in this group we may just ‘buddy’ them up with somebody till they know some of the routes.

Often there is another fast group too who will run 6 or more miles at about 7 min per mile depending on numbers and conditions.

We sometimes merge groups together or split them down into smaller groups depending on how many people are there on a particular night. We also have a range of training sessions for hills, speedwork etc which you can join in with if you wish.

Whatever standard you are at you won’t be running on your own!




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