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Club meetings..

5k Handicap

The third Tuesday of the month (unless notified otherwise) we run a 5k handicap race. Its a lot of fun and because we start the slower runners off first the quick people have to work extra hard if they want to win. We meet at the club as normal but try to be a few minutes early so that we can work out your start time etc.

After the race we either have cake or head down to the Engineer pub for a bite to eat and a well earned drink. (You can come to the cake / pub if you didn't run too.)

Bring some cash and a change of clothes - you can shower at St Georges.

We run on the Winter circuit from Sep onwards. Please wear high viz clothing. If you can't run please come along and help with the marshaling.

January 2018

A cold evening with an even colder wind didn't stop 33 runners plus marshals turning out for our first 5k handicap race of 2018 to run off the mince pies :)

Happily tradition prevailed and first timer Sarah Grant won - great running Sarah!
Welcome to all first timers - Great to have you run with - some fabulous times recorded too and I think surprising themselves: Sarah Grant Phillippa O'Donovan, Tom Kearns, Aisling Patterson. Barbra Budowski, Sophie Weaver, Scott Efford and John Kearns.


Behind Sarah, Ben ran a new PB for strong 2nd place, followed by Brian Yates in third.
Phillippa O'Donovan joining for the first time (for a while?) got a PB on 4th as did Tom Kearns who smashed our course record with a stunning time of 17:11 Zoom!
PB's also for Joe Rees and Alison Plummer, John Kearns and Scott Efford.
Thank you to all cake bakers - please name yourselves! Very yummy as ever!
Thank you to John & June for arranging the Kit night,.
Thank you to all marshals - named below - please do say if I have missed you from the list

Pn Name Time Performance Comments
Sarah Grant 00:27:30 00:02:56 PB!
Ben Cullis 00:22:09 00:00:49 PB!
Brian Yates 00:32:27 00:02:57 
Philippa O'Donovan 00:24:17 00:00:38 PB!
Tom Kearns 00:17:11 00:00:19 PB!
Joe Rees 00:20:44 00:00:14 PB!
Djerk Geurts 00:21:35 00:00:21 
Alison Plummer 00:23:46 00:00:01 PB!
Giles Horridge 00:18:54 00:00:02 
10 Aisling Patterson 00:25:00 00:00:05 
11 Muiris O'Connell 00:22:22 00:00:24 
12 Neil Hewitt 00:22:45 00:00:14 
13 Emma Hobbs 00:22:22 00:00:26 
14 Tom Clark 00:23:08 00:00:18 
15 Ed Rhodes 00:19:46 00:00:33 
16 Barbra Budowskii 00:33:55 00:00:33 
17 John Kearns 00:28:40 00:00:41 PB!
18 Sophie Weaver 00:26:55 00:26:55 
19 Joanne Richards 00:28:16 00:01:17 
20 Graham Harper 00:22:52 00:00:56 
21 Rowland Hughes 00:20:21 00:00:56 
22 Scott Efford 00:20:31 00:00:58 PB!
23 Michael Birtles 00:27:31 00:00:59 
24 Lyndon Hearn 00:21:23 00:01:00 
25 Paul Goodwin 00:18:45 00:01:04 
26 James Blackburn 00:26:59 00:01:37 
27 Jo Desborough 00:24:49 00:01:21 
28 Natalie Edwards 00:28:50 00:01:52 
29 Geraldine Carrie 00:31:06 00:01:46 
30 Jonathan Bungard 00:22:32 00:01:59 
31 Simon Hodgson 00:21:51 00:02:03 
32 Stephen McKee 00:26:34 00:01:53 
Georgie Hamilton Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal
June Rowlands Marshal
Jillian Russell Marshal
John Rowlands Marshal
Nigel Douglas Marshal
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Rhona McKee Marshal
Aly Northedge Marshal
Peter Thornton Marshal
Louise Crosby Marshal
Julie Horrocks Marshal

December 2017 - no race - Snow

November 2017

Wow 36 runners on a mild but breezy night and a god bag full pf PBs to boot - great running
This is the limit of runners as FB only lets me tag 50 people which when including marshals I am at the limit... ;)

Michael Birtles came first - sorry don;t seem to be able to tag you... with a huge 2min PB!
First timer and new member Jonathan M. Taylor in 2nd place... and Geraldine Carrie in 3rd.
For those of you who were given finish numbers of 24 or above you will notice your final position is one place lower because Sam Hazelton was running so fast he forgot to take his number after finishing... (17:48...)


I'd like to go on but the battery is nearly flat on my laptop.... so will try and update it tomorrow.
Thank you cake bakers!!!!
Please also check the marshal list below as I'm not sure i got everybody....
Thanks - and great running!

Pn Name Time Performance Comments
1 Michael Birtles 00:26:32 00:02:12 PB!
Jonathan M. Taylor 00:22:43 00:01:43 PB!
Geraldine Carrie 00:29:20 00:00:38 PB!
Chas Andrews 00:19:44 00:00:33 PB!
Jo Lane 00:26:12 00:01:16 PB!
Ben Cullis 00:22:58 00:00:37 PB!
Tom Clark 00:22:50 00:00:23 PB!
Karen Wilkins 00:22:29 00:00:08 
Joe Rees 00:20:58 00:00:15 PB!
10 Julie Horrocks 00:29:49 00:00:12 PB!
11 Steve Mowles 00:23:47 00:00:19 PB!
12 Julia Duscherer Scott 00:26:17 00:00:08 PB!
13 Stephen Chaston 00:21:40 00:00:13 PB!
14 Sam Hazelton 00:17:48 00:00:01 
15 Ed Rhodes 00:19:30 00:00:17 
16 Neil Hewitt 00:22:44 00:00:13 
17 Andrew Cripps 00:19:59 00:00:19 
18 Mike Ashton 00:23:31 00:00:04 PB!
19 Claire Watts 00:30:10 00:00:11 
20 Alex Smith 00:18:35 00:00:22 
21 Emma Hobbs 00:22:24 00:00:27 
22 Graham Harper 00:22:20 00:00:24 
23 Jeremy Weightman 00:19:50 00:00:29 
24 Claire Price 00:23:25 00:00:31 
25 Muiris O'Connell 00:22:34 00:00:36 
26 Lee Scott 00:20:16 00:00:43 
27 Djerk Geurts 00:21:58 00:00:44 
28 Jayne Dobbs 00:26:25 00:01:17 
29 Julian Jones 00:23:38 00:00:51 
30 Joanne Richards 00:27:52 00:00:52 
31 James Blackburn 00:26:16 00:00:54 
32 Colin Wareham 00:25:08 00:02:10 
33 Doug Eckley 00:24:10 00:01:37 
34 Pierre-Louis Gatti 00:24:19 00:01:46 
35 Brian Yates 00:32:43 00:03:13 
36 Michael Edmond 00:26:29 00:03:11 
Georgie Hamilton Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal
Jillian Russell Marshal
John Rowlands Marshal
Nigel Douglas Marshal
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Natalie Edwards Marshal
Rhona McKee Marshal
Andy Jordan Marshal
Rhys Morgan Marshal
Aly Northedge Marshal
Paul Goodwin Marshal
Samuel Patrick Cockcroft Marshal
Rob Dobbs

October 2017

Another perfect night for running - cool, it remained dry for the run although may have been damp underfoot - First 12 places getting PB's (including first timers...)

Sorry to those I could not tag...

THANK YOU to all cake bakers - I don;t know who you were so please claim your thanks - very good cakes as ever - I enjoyed the Victoria sponge too much ;)

An unexpected winner with Chas, who clearly had some sort of undetected issue on his last run and claimed a 2min+ PB. Michael Birtles with his second 5k run on returning to the club also bagged a huge PB. 
Then first timers - and new members filling slots 3-7 - welcome - I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you next month.
Also PB's for Joanne (I can't see in the dark - yeah right!) Nia, Annette, James Izzard, Claire W - 1s sub 30 (perfect pacer Stephen McKee!), Christine and Lee! Great running All!

Results sorted by times at the end with visitor Ollie Gray beating the lot of us with 19:10! (1min faster than his prediction... saw me coming ;0 ) close followed by James and Lee - all three getting sub 20 mins. :) and Simon H 3s outside... good running!

Pn Name Time vs PB Comments
Chas Andrews 00:20:17 -00:02:13 PB!
2 Michael Birtles 00:28:44 -00:01:57 PB!
Muiris O'Connell 00:21:58 -00:01:38 PB!
4 Steve Mowles 00:24:06 -00:01:23 PB!
Tom Clark 00:23:13 -00:01:13 PB!
6 Nicola Philips 00:26:24 -00:01:03 PB!
7 Ollie Gray 00:19:10 -00:01:00 PB!
Joanne Richards 00:26:59 -00:00:28 PB!
Nia Sheppard 00:29:01 -00:01:12 PB!
10 Annette Alleyne 00:27:23 -00:00:05 PB!
11 James Izzard 00:19:22 -00:00:11 PB!
12 Claire Watts 00:29:59 -00:00:10 PB!
13 Simon Hodgson 00:20:03 00:00:15 
14 Christine Ferguson 00:28:34 -00:00:04 PB!
15 Lee Scott 00:19:44 00:00:11 
16 Elliot Sarah Lamb 00:20:48 00:00:12 
17 Neil Hewitt 00:22:48 00:00:17 
18 Brian Yates 00:31:26 00:01:56
19 Andrew Cripps 00:20:19
20 Anna Wisniowski 00:28:43 00:00:40
21 Jayne Dobbs 00:26:07 00:00:59
22 Rob Dobbs 00:22:38 00:01:14
23 Michael Edmond 00:24:42 00:01:24
24 Colin Wareham 00:24:49 00:01:51

Finally thank you marshals - many of whom were resting legs after weekend marathons:


If I have missed you off - sorry - please shout out so you can claim your club league points!
Georgie Hamilton
Richard Moreton
Jillian Russell
David Russell
Nigel Douglas
Taras Huzar
Chitra Dunn
Ed Rhodes
Natalie Edwards
Rowland Hughes
Stephen McKee
Rhona McKee
Taras Huzar
Djerk Geurts
Andy Jordan
Graham Harper

September 2017

Here are the provisional September 5k results - first time back on the Winter course and again PB's galore - awesome running!

Another perfect evening for running as we took to the streets of Harpenden.

Congratulations to new member Emma (who signed up tonight after having run with us a few times), Emma came in first place beating her estimate by 2 minutes! Joe Rees came in 2nd also with an amazing 2 minute PB, Then PB's for Geraldine, Julie, Claire, Derek, Louisa, Rosie, David, Elliot, Craig, Nathan, Graham, Michael B (running with us for the first time!), Terry, Julian, Stephen, Hilary, Rowland, Steve B (18:45!) and Ben Cullis.
Even those who did not manage a PB were really close - fabulous running by everyone - well done.

Followed up by amazing cakes from Natalie (please share the recipie!), Rowland, me .... who else bought cakes????

If I have missed anyone please let me know.

Pn Name Time Performance Comments
1 Emma Maggott 00:22:53 00:02:12 PB!
Joe Rees 00:21:13 00:02:01 PB!
Geraldine Carrie 00:29:58 00:01:58 PB!
Julie Horrocks 00:30:01 00:01:56 PB!
Claire Watts 00:30:09 00:01:00 PB!
Derek Lambert 00:24:58 00:00:59 PB!
Louisa Kington 00:22:39 00:00:56 PB!
Rosie Coupe 00:28:17 00:00:55 PB!
Simon Hodgson 00:20:09 00:00:21 
10 David White 00:20:54 00:00:43 PB!
11 Elliot Sarah Lamb 00:20:36 00:00:30 PB!
12 Craig Harper 00:19:56 00:00:38 PB!
13 Nathan Scott 00:19:33 00:00:37 PB!
14 Graham Harper 00:21:56 00:00:36 PB!
15 Michael Birtles 00:30:41 00:00:28 PB!
16 Terry Atkinson 00:18:54 00:00:27 PB!
17 Jonny Kate Baker 00:19:21 00:00:09 
18 Julian Tall 00:20:57 00:00:16 PB!
19 Stephen Chaston 00:21:53 00:00:10 PB!
20 Steve Bowran 00:18:45 00:00:07 PB!
21 Hilary Cade Birt 00:26:51 00:00:05 PB!
22 Rowland Hughes 00:19:25 00:00:03 PB!
23 Ed Rhodes 00:19:32 00:00:19 
24 Djerk Geurts 00:21:29 00:00:15 
25 John Rowlands 00:26:13 00:00:16 
26 Natalie Edwards 00:27:46 00:00:48 
27 James Blackburn 00:25:48 00:00:26 
28 Ben Cullis 00:23:35 00:00:30 PB!
29 Rachael Shergold 00:26:33 00:01:04 
30 Jason Smith 00:25:12 00:01:20


Thank you to all our amazing marshals :)
Georgie Hamilton Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal
Jillian Russell Marshal
Michael Hessey Marshal
David Russell Marshal
Amy Russell Marshal
Nigel Douglas Marshal
Lyndon Hearn Marshal
James Izzard Marshal
Anita White Marshal
Karl Tull Marshal
Taras Huzar Marshal
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Chas Andrews Marshal

August 2017

With records broken everywhere - here are the August 2017 Arrows 5k Handicap results:

A perfect evening for running 35 runners turned our for probably the last trip of this year on our Summer course... 
There was so much good running I almost don't know where to start... and so sorry if miss anything out.

35 runners - new record?
20 PBs! - new record? - in first 21 places
Paul Goodwin runs 17:41!! a new record! (1.1/2 mins faster than the next best time...)

Five new members - Julie Horrocks, Geraldine Carrie, Nia Sheppard, Nicky Carter, Jo Lane, plus several existing members running the 5k for the first time in a while - it was amazing to see you all. (Please feel free to let me know if I have missed anyone...)

BUT a first timer did not win - not quite a record but unusual - there was however very tough competition with proof that training does work... our winner Sharon Neely taking a whopping 2 min 17 seconds from her PB (Arrows 5k records)
With Chitra in 2nd place also with a huge 2:05 min PB and new member / first timer Nia Sheppard in coming in third place.

Three runners sooo close to a PB - within 1 or 2 seconds - Graham, Rhys and Nicky Carter - next time guys?
Plus a super time back from injury Louise!

THANK YOU to all cake bakers - it really is a most welcome treat after the 5k - I don't know who yo all were - sorry!!! - Please do say so you can get your credit - Great choc chip cookies and Victoria Sponge!

Finally thank you to our marshals - we will need you all and more on the more complex 'Winter course' next month.

Results in finish order and then by time order are below - Please do let me know if you spot any errors/queries.
Apologies from Mark Zuckerberg for the formatting - it doesn't look like this when I post...


Pn Name Time Performance Comments
Sharon Neely 00:26:40 00:02:17 PB!
Chitra Dunn 00:22:08 00:02:05 PB!
Nia Sheppard 00:28:36 00:01:37 PB! First timer!
Pamela Morgan 00:23:58 00:01:31 PB!
Jo Lane 00:25:59 00:01:29 PB! First timer!
Djerk Geurts 00:21:14 00:00:42 PB!
John Rowlands 00:25:16 00:00:41 PB!
Alex James 00:20:56 00:00:27 PB!
Jeremy Weightman 00:19:21 00:00:39 PB!
10 Stephen McKee 00:24:11 00:00:30 PB!
11 Geraldine Carrie 00:31:56 00:00:34 PB! First timer!
12 Julie Horrocks 00:31:57 00:00:33 PB! First timer!
13 Claire Price 00:22:51 00:00:02 PB!
14 Anita White 00:24:42 00:00:25 PB!
15 Paul Goodwin 00:17:41 00:00:19 PB!
16 Graham Harper 00:22:32 00:00:02 
17 Christine Ferguson 00:28:23 00:00:15 PB!
18 Riana Walsh 00:23:22 00:00:13 PB!
19 Michael Hessey 00:23:23 00:00:12 PB!
20 Lyndon Hearn 00:20:23 00:00:11 PB!
21 Alison Plummer 00:23:44 00:00:03 PB!
22 Nicky/Nicola Carter 00:23:36 00:00:01 First timer!
23 Rhys Morgan 00:19:10 00:00:01 
24 Annette Alleyne 00:27:42 00:00:14 
25 Nigel Douglas 00:19:51 00:00:49 
26 Ed Rhodes 00:19:43 00:00:30 
27 Suzi Walton 00:29:09 00:00:31 
28 Jo Davies 00:29:11 00:00:33 
29 David Green 00:19:19 00:00:31 
30 Andy Jordan 00:19:30 00:00:46 
31 Louise Crosby 00:24:55 00:00:47 
32 Gill Holland 00:30:27 00:00:59 
33 Natalie Edwards 00:27:57 00:00:59 
34 Brian Yates 00:32:48 00:03:18 
35 Simon Hodgson 00:22:09 00:02:21 
99 Georgie Hamilton Marshal
99 Richard Moreton Marshal
99 June Rowlands Marshal
99 David White Marshal

July 2017

PB's galore at Arrows 5k kit n cake night!!!

22 racers including a few hardy TR24 er's plus a few other non racing runners gathered along the Nicky Line for our monthly 5k
First timers Mark Simmons and Alison Plummer came 1st and 2nd with Djerk bagging a PB for 3rd place! 
8 PBs!!! with great racing between Rowland, Ed, Rhys and Viddy, the later running a stunning 18:40 course PB.
Rachel + Nacho also ran course PBs :)

Well done to all!

Then we were back to school for cakes - thank you to all bakers/cake providers.

Thank you to all marshals / course runners! I may have missed one or two so please let me know if I have missed you off the list and apologies to those I could not tag.

Finally - the results are sorted by time right at the end of this post.

P Name Time Performance Comments
1 Mark Simmons 00:23:44 00:03:14 First Time!
2 Alison Plummer 00:23:47 00:03:11 First Time!
Djerk Geurts 00:21:56 00:01:05 PB!
4 Rachel Shergold 00:25:29 00:01:43 PB!
Nacho Vicente 00:19:48 00:01:25 PB!
Jayne Dobbs 00:25:26 00:00:18 
Rob Dobbs 00:22:09 00:00:45 
Julian Jones 00:22:49 00:00:02 
Rowland Hughes 00:19:28 00:00:11 PB!
10 Annette Alleyne 00:27:28 00:00:15 PB!
11 Ed Rhodes 00:19:13 00:00:14 PB!
12 Rhys Morgan 00:19:09 00:00:12 PB!
13 David Green 00:18:40 00:00:08 PB!
14 Stephen McKee 00:24:54 00:00:13 
15 Neil Hewitt 00:22:37 00:00:06 
16 Emma Hobbs 00:21:57 00:00:06 First Time!
17 Hilary Cade Birt 00:26:59 00:00:03 
18 Graham Harper 00:23:08 00:00:37 
19 Nigel Douglas 00:19:51 00:00:50 
20 Alex James 00:21:49 00:00:26 
21 Louise Gordon 00:28:16 00:00:33 First Time!
22 Jonny Kate Baker 00:20:03 00:00:51 
99 Christine Ferguson Marshal
99 Aly Northedge Marshal
99 Chitra Dunn Marshal
99 Frances Quartly Marshal
99 Colin Wareham Marshal
99 David White Marshal
99 Taras Huzar Marshal
99 Lyndon Hearn Marshal
99 Richard Moreton Marshal
99 Riana Walsh Marshal
99 Georgie Hamilton Marshal
99 Jillian Russell Marshal

Results by time:
David Green 00:18:40 00:00:08 PB!
Rhys Morgan 00:19:09 00:00:12 PB!
Ed Rhodes 00:19:13 00:00:14 PB!
Rowland Hughes 00:19:28 00:00:11 PB!
Ignacio Vicente 00:19:48 00:01:25 PB!
Nigel Douglas 00:19:51 00:00:50 
Jonny Baker 00:20:03 00:00:51 
Alexander James 00:21:49 00:00:26 
Djerk Geurts 00:21:56 00:01:05 PB!
Emma Hobbs 00:21:57 00:00:06 
Rob Dobbs 00:22:09 00:00:45 
Neil Hewitt 00:22:37 00:00:06 
Julian Jones 00:22:49 00:00:02 
Graham Harper 00:23:08 00:00:37 
Mark Simmons 00:23:44 00:03:14 
Alison Plummer 00:23:47 00:03:11 
Stephen McKee 00:24:54 00:00:13 
Jayne Dobbs 00:25:26 00:00:18 
Rachel Shergold 00:25:29 00:01:43 PB!
Hilary Birt 00:26:59 00:00:03 
Annette Alleyne 00:27:28 00:00:15 PB!
Louise Gordon 00:28:16 00:00:33

June 2017

Our first ever 5k handicap on a Tuesday! Summer Course - Results

Wow, Wow, Wow - what a fab turn out on a boiling hot Tuesday for our joint 5k/kit/cake night - your feedback is most welcome :)

37 runners - some sort of record - and it nearly bust the spreadsheet - that's my excuse for any errors - please do shout if you think I have something wrong - it's entirely possible as my spreadsheet was like my school homework - well it was done but very messy....

Anyway normal service resumed - First timer Raff Shergold won it! Well done Raff and welcome!
Loads of PB's (from our recent club races) too - surprising in the heat! Amanda >2mins PB!!!, Djerk, Frances, Lyndon,Steve Hoskins, Adrian James, Hilary Birt. Ed Rhodes equalled his best time...several were also so close - well run all!
Some started in unusual positions - Johny Baker! - must have been an error in my spreadsheet...
So many ~<20min times - with Tom C managing 18:33 - wow!

So many club regulars running the 5k for the first time too - hope you all enjoyed it and see you next month I hope!
Super to have such great cake afterwards too!
Apologies to those I was unable to tag...
Apologies for whatever FB does to the formatting....

P'n Name Time Performance Comments
1 Raff Shergold 00:21:32 First Time!
James Blackburn 00:25:22 First Time!
3 Nathan Scott 00:20:10 First Time!
Amanda Busby 00:28:44 00:02:16 PB!
Djerk Geurts 00:22:23 00:00:38 PB!
Lauren Amond 00:28:27 First Time!
7 Jonny / Kate Baker 00:19:20 00:00:08 
8 Louisa Knighton 00:23:35 First Time!
9 Neil Hewitt 00:23:01 00:00:30 
10 Frances Quartly 00:23:05 00:01:06 PB!
11 Jeremy Weightman 00:20:00 First Time!
12 Scott Clarke 00:22:34 First Time!
13 Rachel Shergold 00:27:12 First Time!
14 Rhys Morgan 00:19:21 First Time!
15 Lyndon Hearn 00:20:25 00:00:39 PB!
16 Andrew Hazley-Payne 00:23:30 00:01:38 
17 Steven Steve Hoskins 00:22:30 00:00:30 PB!
18 Alex James 00:21:23 00:00:32 PB!
19 Annette Alleyne 00:28:40 First Time!
20 Ed Rhodes 00:19:27 00:00:00 =PB!
21 Adrian James 00:19:39 00:00:09 PB!
22 Hilary Birt 00:26:56 00:00:04 PB!
23 Graham Harper 00:23:27 00:00:56 
24 Rowland Hughes 00:19:55 00:00:16 
25 Mark Amond 00:31:10 First Time!
26 Tom Cochrane 00:18:33 00:00:09 
27 Andrew Cripps 00:19:58 00:00:18 
28 Elliot Sarah Lamb 00:21:30 00:00:24 
29 Aly Northedge 00:26:06 First Time!
30 Christine Ferguson 00:28:38 First Time!
31 Roger Montgomery 00:20:13 00:00:43 
32 Claire Price 00:23:39 00:00:45 
33 Stephen Chaston 00:22:03 First Time!
34 Stephen McKee 00:25:26 00:02:30 
35 Nigel Douglas 00:20:11 First Time!
36 Chas Andrews 00:22:30 First Time!
DNF James Pickett 00:20:37 First Time!


Thank you also to our awesome marshals:
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Georgie Hamilton Marshal
Jillian Russell Marshal
John Rowlands Marshal
Taras Huzar Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal
Justin Busby Marshal
Michael Hessey Marshal
Emily Hooper Marshal

Feb 2017

 Arrows do Doris (and beat her)!

13 wind hardened Arrows turned out to face down storm Doris and they did it in style! Five PB! - including the first four places - Wow - good running and that into a headwind up Stewart Road!

Congratulations to Michael Edwards who having sussed out the course last month came back with a huge PB and won by a good margin. Further back there was some very close racing and a photo finish with Jo and Neil both sprinting for the line but Jo just managing to hold on. Two 5k first timers Frances and Patricia - welcome to the first 5k - hope you come back again next month - even if you turned up not realising it was 5k night ;)

 Download Results

Thank you to our awesome marshals for standing round in the cold shouting encouragement to the runners.

Position Name Time Performance Comments
1 Michael Edwards 00:25:32 00:01:28 PB!
Steve Hoskins 00:22:12 00:00:48 PB!
Djerk Geurts 00:22:29 00:00:32 PB!
Natalie Edwards 00:27:54 00:00:25 PB!
Graham Harper 00:23:43 
Patricia Collis 00:23:47 First Timer (for a while)
Jo Desborough 00:23:28 00:00:05 PB!
8 Neil Hewitt 00:23:15 
Frances Quartly 00:24:11 First Timer 
10 Rob Dobbs 00:22:17 
11 Jonny Baker 00:19:47 
12 Stephen McKee 00:27:00 
13 Jayne Dobbs 00:27:21 
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal
Andy Jordan Marshal
David Green Marshal

Jan 2017

Wow - that was a cold one:-2C but a fab turn out from both marshals and runners *Thank you!*. All wanting to lay down a marker for the rest of the year and/or get some speed work under their belts for upcoming marathons etc...

The New Year continued in good tradition - several first timers running and they took 5 of the first 6 spots. Congratulations to Sammy Farrell on winning! Now we know your times you may have to run a bit faster next time ;)
The only PB of the night goes to Pierre-Louis, although Jonny Baker was just 1s off his PB!


Pn Name Time Performance Comments
Sammy Farrell 00:25:15 First Timer!
Jason Smith 00:23:52 First Timer!
Robin Clementson 00:26:17 First Timer!
Pierre-Louis Gatti 00:23:47 -00:00:12 PB!
5 Michael Cout 00:26:59 First Timer!
6 Christine Borgeat 00:24:42 First Timer!
7 Jonny Baker 00:19:13 +00:00:01 
Rowland Hughes 00:19:59 +00:00:20 
Stephen McKee 00:26:13 +00:00:21 
10 Ed Rhodes 00:19:57 +00:00:30 
11 Neil Hewitt 00:24:07 +00:01:36 
12 Karen Wilkins 00:23:20 +00:00:59 
13 Claire Watts 00:31:09 +00:01:18 
14 Brian Yates 00:32:29 +00:05:44

Huge thank you to all marshals who turned out to stand around in the cold:
Colin WarehamDavid GreenGeorgie HamiltonGraham HarperSimon TownsendNatalie EdwardsJayne DobbsRob DobbsJohn Rowlands,Christine Ferguson,David White Richard Moreton. If I have missed you off the marshals list let me know and I will add you!

October 2016

 5k Handicap race results.
Newbie robbed of a win ;) 5k smack-down fail....fab times again.

Well that was an interesting one - we had everything tonight - except marshals... several first timers - surely they would win as usual... plus the tantalising prospect of a 5k smack-down between the speediest club runners - all on a perfect evening for racing...


With only one marshal out on course - Jason Smith - looking after the busiest part of the course, we had two new members; John Buck and signing up tonight Luke Halewood plus surprisingly Ammon joining the club5k for the first time - welcome - hope to see you back soon! Everyone made it back
Congratulations go to Laura - sandbagged my last race - Hicks who chicked everyone and came in first, just denying first time John Buck of the win who was well paced by Graham Harper. Both John and Luke judged their pace remarkable accurately - well done!
In third place was Sam Hazleton who smashed the course with a stunning 17:47 - with a 14s PB in our (recent) records - wow!
Some super fast times tonight - glad I was not racing...
In one of the most remarkable runs - Simon - I don't want to race head to head but could have been third - Spiers notching up the second fastest time but started >2 mins late due to misjudging his warm up time - Doh! Must be a special prize for that - thus missing out on a race- off with Sam Hazleton...

Posn Name Time Performance Comments
Laura Hicks 00:20:54 00:00:17 
John Buck 00:24:25 First Timer! 
Sam Hazelton 00:17:47 00:00:14 PB!
Rowland Hughes 00:19:41 00:00:02 
Roger Montgomery00:19:30 00:00:08 
6 Luke Halewood 00:23:04 First Timer! 
Karen Wilkins 00:22:56 00:00:35 
Alex Smith 00:18:29 00:00:16 
David Green 00:18:56 00:01:17 
10 Andrew Hazley-Payne 00:22:19 00:00:39 
11 Ed Rhodes 00:20:29 00:01:02 
12 Gareth Alexander 00:23:39 00:01:48 
13 Ammon Piepgrass 00:18:57 First Timer! 
14 Claire Price 00:24:08 00:01:38 
15 Simon Speirs 00:18:21 00:00:26 
16 Robin Clementson 00:32:40 00:04:39
Big thank you to our awesome marshals: 
Georgie Hamilton 
Graham Harper 
Chitra Dunn
Richard Moreton 
Jason Smith

April 2016 - full results spreadsheet

As we used the Summer course on the Nicky Line it must be Summer - right?! We clearly had perfect running weather - perhaps motivated by the threat of rain or the excitement of getting back to the Nickey Line out-n-back route produced a stunning set of time with stacks of PBs and near PBs. This was evidenced by the the unusually large number of runners doubled over trying not to be sick at the end.

Great to see first timers Rob Dobbs and David Hilton, hope to see you back next month.
Everyone was so keen to get started there was even an attempt to shorten the course Manchester style by moving the start line wink emoticon


The race was easily won by Karen (it's my round) Wilkins - with an awesome 2 1/2 mins PB (since our records began.... er well since last year anyway). Congrats Karen - I think you may be started a little bit later next time round!
Almost too many PB's to mention... 13 in all including two first timers... David Hilton, Paul Higham, Jayne, Rob, David Russell, Natalie, Rowland, Jonny, Jo, James, Steven and Alex shaved 3s off his PB - not down to 18:03. Plus Paul Hill just missed out on a PB by 2s... - next time maybe?

Great running everyone!!!

Even those with legs tired after running London Marathon a few days early - Ed and Viddy both clock sub 20 mins. (did Jonny run London too?)

Mar 2016

Latest Results  - latest spreadsheet - Mar 2016

16 runners plus 6 marshals gathered to run off their Easter eggs for the Arrows monthly 5k race round the Winter course. A cool, clear evening with no wind making it a perfect night to run and this resulted in 11 PBs! 
Absolutely amazing but clearly not enough chocolate eaten - well run to all. Those PB's explain why there was so much recovery going on at the bus stop afterwards!

Congratulations to Stephen McKeen on winning by a country mile - clearly going the right way helps a lot!
PB's (at least recently on this course) for Daisy, Ed, Rowland, Jo, David R, Justine, Taras, Andy, James and Rebecca : Congratulations to all.

Natalie who was running on her birthday - just missed out on a PB by a few seconds and her husband Jonathan who also marshaled - thank you. 

Feb 2016

Latest Results  - latest spreadsheet - Feb 2016

We had 19 intrepid Arrows gather on a literally freezing night to leave it all out on the roads of Harpenden on Thursday.
What an exciting race we too with lots of good racing and tight finishes and PB's!

We had seven first timers Joanne White, Laura Barrett (training for VLM), The rest of the Highnam family - Laurence & Paul (well done James!), Jo Griggs, David Russell, and Rebecca Coffey.

Well done Joanne White who won the race with about about 45s to spare despite an alleged ailment/injury! Our new runners took the first three positions with Graham Harper coming in fourth over a minute quicker than his last outing after pacing Laura - I think she made him work for it - good running.

The cold made for a speed evening with 6 PB's: 
Neil Hewitt, Andy DuckworthNatalie EdwardsJo Desborough and James Highnam who also ran the fastest time of the night beating David Greenby 1s.

Just missing out on a PB was Taras - again by 1s frown emoticon

The challenge for David Green next month is to run 19:39 for 3 races in a row having managed to finish in exactly the same time as last month according my records...!

Finally Thank you to our awesome marshals:
Jillian Russellll Marshal
Georgie Hamiltonn Marshal
Pierre-Louis Gatti Marshal
Chitra Dunn Marshal
Louise Crosby Marshal
Richard Moreton Marshal

Hope to see you all again in March - thanks again!

Position Name Time Comments
1 Joanne White 00:27:11 First Time
2 Laura Barrett 00:23:39 First Time
3 Laurence Highnam 00:25:21 First Time
4 Graham Harper 00:24:05 
5 Jo Griggs 00:22:19 First Time
6 Neil Hewitt 00:22:31 PB!
7 Andy Duckworth 00:24:22 PB!
Jayne Dobbs 00:26:55 PB!
9 Natalie Edwards 00:29:06 PB!
10 David Russell 00:21:50 First Time
11 Paul Highnam 00:22:33 First Time
12 Gareth Alexander 00:22:47 
13 James Highnam 00:19:38 PB!
14 Jo Desborough 00:25:35 PB!
15 Taras Huzar 00:22:14 
16 Justine Thorpe 00:26:17 
17 Simon Hodgson 00:20:43 
18 Rebecca Coffey 00:30:14 First Time
19 David Green 00:19:39

Nov 2015

Archive Results  - latest spreadsheet - Nov 2015

The last Arrows 5k handicap race of 2015 was the night of many PB's!

We had 14 runners on what turned out to be a perfect evening for racing.

Welcome to Rachael Shergold who joined us for the first time and led off as well and came in 30s under target - we hope to see you again! Ed Rhodes route guidance seemed to do the trick - thanks Ed!

The race was won by Rowland Hughes who also recorded a massive 50s PB! 

In total we had an incredible 6 PBs from 12 runners who had previously recorded times.

Great PB's for Roger, Laura, Paul, Gareth, and Mathew - super well done all. 

Steve Hoskins - we hope your Hamstring is easing now after sensibly deciding to pull up after lap 1.

Thank you also to the marshalls: Sarah Dumbrill, Louise Crosby, Annette Alleyne, Chitra Dunn, Andrew Neal Wilkins, Tom Cochrane and Ed Rhodes.

Posn Name Time Improvement
Rowland Hughes 00:21:28 PB! -00:00:50
Roger Montgomery 00:19:22 PB! -00:00:36
Laura Hicks 00:20:37 PB! -00:00:39
Paul Goodwin 00:18:21 PB! -00:00:06
5 Rachael Shergold 00:26:23 First Time
Gareth Alexander 00:21:51 PB! -00:00:31
Andrew Hazley-Payne00:21:40 00:00:05
8 Mathew Davies 00:22:51 PB! -00:00:01
Patrick McGuinness 00:20:19 00:00:58
10 Claire Price 00:23:11 00:00:41
11 Graham Harper 00:25:14 00:03:36
12 Simon Hodgson 00:21:03 00:01:16
13 Elliot Lamb 00:22:12 00:02:07
14 Steve Hoskins DNF

Please remember there is no 5k in December - as the last Thursday is the 31st. See you in January! (feels too early to say that...)

Sep 2015

Cue drum roll... results from September 5k are ready...!
Back to the Winter route but it was a perfect evening for running with 13 Arrows starting - all we had to do is remember the route!
Congratulations to Justin (sandbagged his last result!) Busby who came in first with a splendid 18:45!
Welcome and well done to first timers Rosie Coup and to Taras Huzar who came in second place.
It was welcome back to Phil Jacobs but a last 5k for Jen who is moving soon - Hope to see you back one day!

We saw a14s PB for Derek Lambert and amazingly a 1s PB for Alex Smith with a stunning time of 18:16 and nicking some of Speirseys CRs in the process - We definitely need a head to head... Simon Speirs?

We only managed 12 finishers as sadly but sensibly Chitra had to pull up short with a sore Achilles, better to save it for Palma! Hope its eased now.
(i think you can still have some points;) )
Thank you to all marshals - this course needs you!
Georgie HamiltonGraham HarperLaura HicksMichael HesseyLouisa ThompsonPatrick McGuinnessJonathan Bungard

Position Name Racetime 
Justin Busby 00:18:45 
Taras Huzar 00:22:13 
3 Derek Lambert 00:24:48 PB!
4 Jason Smith 00:20:17 
Alex Smith 00:18:16 PB!
6 Neil Hewitt 00:24:15 
7 Rosie Coup 00:31:33 
Jillian Russell 00:31:33 
Phil Jacobs 00:21:12 
10 Karen Wilkins 00:24:51 
11 Brian Yates 00:29:33 
12 Jennifer Cunniff 00:27:07 
13 Chitra Dunn DNF

PS - please let me know if you spot any errors - there was a minor snafu with the watch although i think I sorted it out!!! smile emoticon

Aug 2015

The August 5k Results are in...! brought to you in by Atomic Clocks Inc..
15 Arrows gathered along the not too wet at all Nickey Line for the last of this seasons Summer Route 5k. 
We had five first timers - hope you all enjoyed it! Well done and welcome to Trudy Mayles, Steph Mair, Angela Barnes, Claire Watts and Tim Cunningham.
It was a great night for the newcomers with the ladies taking 4 out of the first 5 positions!

Congratulations to Trudy who came in first place!
Massive PB of 1min21s for Louisa! 
James Izzard also knocked 10s off his PB - Well done!
Louise Crosby came in fastest lady - after not running this course for ~2 years - good time - only a few seconds off your PB!
Another super time for Alex - 18:23 - just a few seconds off last month's PB!

Thank you to all marshals - GeorgiePhilippaSteve H, Simon H andGraham.

(as ever sorry if I have not been able to tag your name...)

Next month back to the Winter route (can't believe its so dark in the evenings now) where we will need extra marshal help please!

Pos'n Name Racetime 
1 Trudy Mayles 00:28:56 
2 Steph Mair 00:29:10 
3 Angela Barnes 00:29:14 
Louisa Thompson 00:26:15 PB!
5 Claire Watts 00:29:51 
6 Jonny Baker 00:21:33 
James Izzard 00:19:29 PB!
Jennifer Cunniff 00:25:44 
Alex Smith 00:18:23 
10 Tim Cunningham 00:25:14 
11 Louise Crosby 00:22:39 
12 Annette Alleyne 00:28:13 
13 David Green 00:19:09 
14 Brian Yates 00:29:27 
15 Chitra Dunn 00:24:54

July 2015

Results for this months' (July) Arrows 5k are in - subject to the usual complaints and bribery etc..

20 runners and 7 marshals gathered for the run on a clear evening - perfect running temperature. According to my records we had a fantastic 8 first timers - welcome! - we hope you enjoyed it - several of you coming from Thunder run - well done.

Congratulations to Joanne White who came in first - even after her Thunder run exploits - great running.

Two PBs, by 1 minute and 1:01 for Mathew Davies and Djerk Geurts.
Several Thunder Runners also taking it a bit easier than usual smile emoticon, some

Thank you marshals - mostly made up of tired Thunder Runners.
Louise CrosbyDavid GreenChitra DunnRoger MontgomeryAndy JordanGeorgie Hamilton,

June 2015

Here are the results for June's Monthly 5k Handicap race, sorry for the delay.

We had 18 runners (+2 or 3 pacers) turn up on a lovely warm night to run the Nicky Line Summer course route.

The race was won by first timer Djerk Guerts - Congratulations!
We had five first timers - Welcome and well done, we hope you had a good time!
Despite the heat we also four PB's for Gareth, Simon H,Margaret and Chris S - well done!

A few of us then adjourned to Brian Yates's for some evening nibbles - Thank you again Brian & Patricia.

Full race results will be posted on the club website for those who want more stats and those not on FB.

Huge THANK YOU to the marshals Georgie Hamilton , Louise Crosby,Louisa Thompson plus Graham's wife Eve. Michael Hessey and Sarah Dumbrill were pacing so their times are not included smile emoticon
Graham Harper - I have included your race time for now, I know you were pacing too so let me know if you want it removing, or are you happy with the advantage for next race? wink emoticon
If I have forgotten anyone please let me know so you can get your club league points!
PS if you spot any errors let me know & I will correct the spreadsheet.

May 2015

Arrows monthly Handicap race results are in! (as ever please let me (Richard) know if you spot any errors!)
A lovely evening, 17 runners assembled along the warm the Nickey Line, waiting for the starting timer. Well done to all, we had two first timers, several 'haven't run it for ages', some super PB's and sandbagging 
wink emoticon. Thank you to all marshals Sarah,Georgie, Colette, LouiseGrahamDavid/Viddy & Colin for impromptu computer services.
Happily the stop
watches worked perfectly (phew!) Justine came in in first place in her first race! Loads of PB's including Justine, Simon H, Steve H, DebbiJamesMichael and Andy J! In fact the first seven runners all got PB's - well done - seems a bit fishy to me. Fastest time of the night goes to Simon Speirs. Most exciting finish goes to Riana who managed to pip Chitra on the line followed by a big group finish which was hard work for the results takers but the stopwatch saved the day! 

April 2015

The first run of the year on the Nicky Line summer route (yay!) 

Follow the link above for the (provisional - subject to complaints, errors, bribery, drug testing etc..) results for April's Arrows 5k Handicap race.

Well done to all who ran and thank to the marshalls: GeorgieJustinEd,LouiseJenny, Graham & Colin especially to Louise who has been organising this run for the last couple of years. Hopefully you can run next month now I have worked out the stop watch!

We had four first timers - welcome! - We hope you enjoyed it & see you next month!

Well done to Jane Fish who came in first place, running in her first handicap race since October '13.

Extra special well done to those returning after running VLM just a few days earlier! Patrick, Roger, Gareth.

We had six PBs: Riana 1m47s. David W 1m04s, (obviously tapering for M-K Half!), Tom 54s, Peter: 43s, Tracy 27s,  Patrick 7s (not bad after VLM!)

Fastest lady was Riana and fastest man was Viddy (also tapering for MK!)

March 2015 - No Race

Feb 2015 (Winter course)

Here are the results of last Thursday's handicap race. Congratulations to Gareth who smashed it with a 2m3s PB and 1st place, in 2nd place was newcomer Margaret Cowan, and storming into 3rd place with a 1m3s PB was Louisa. There was also a PB of 8sec for Philippa. Great running! We also welcomed first timers Alex Duffy, Claire Fenwick and Rob King. There were 16 runners in total, but only 6 marshals (although some runners did offer to marshal which was appreciated). Thanks to GeorgiePierre-LouisDavidJennifer and Sarah for marshalling.

Jan 2015 (Winter course)

 Great turnout of marshals (thanks to GeorgieSarah,ColinDavidEdJuliaJillian, and Louisa) - definitely a preference to stay warm on what was a bitter evening! But we had a good turnout of runners too and Anna sped round to come in 1st with a 1m35s PB, closely followed by Peter with a 39s PB - great running! James Izzard came in 3rd with other first timers Graham Halkyard, Gareth Alexander and Tom Cochrane following on. Well done everyone. Full results will be on the website shortly.

Time Position Name 
00:23:59 1 Anna Gilham PB! 
00:26:00 2 Peter Rice PB! 
00:19:59 3 James Izzard 
00:21:11 4 Graham Halkyard 
00:25:14 5 Gareth Alexander 
00:19:28 6 Tom Cochrane 
00:20:22 7 Richard Moreton 
00:23:14 8 Paul Geary 
00:25:16 9 Jen Cunniff 
00:19:33 10 Paul Goodwin 
00:19:47 11 Lee Scott 
00:23:19 12 Alison Cole 
00:30:25 13 Colette Pidgeon 
00:23:38 14 Graham Harper

Nov 2014 (Winter course)

It was great to see lots of runners and marshals for the final race of the year. Jennifer flew over the line in 1st place, closely followed by Chris S in 2nd place with a fantastic 1min19 PB and Karen in 3rd place. There were also PBs for Peter (33sec), Steve H (26 sec) and Pierre-Louis (5 sec) - well done all of you. Welcome to newcomers Sheryl, Fiona S and Matthew - hope you enjoyed it and we see you again. Last, but not least, thank you to Georgie, Philippa, David, Brian, Steve, Paul, Louisa and Julia for marshalling - it looked like we weren't going to have enough marshals, so it was really appreciated that you came forward (and thanks to those who also offered, but were not needed in the end),

Oct 2014 (Winter course)

A small group of runners tonight, but good to see new members giving it a go. Welcome and well done to Anna who crossed the line in 1st place , Chitra came 2nd (on post-marathon legs - great running) and Jo came in 3rd (welcome back to the club!). Also welcome to Peter, who came in a respectable 5th place narrowly beaten by 'yet-another-PB' Richard who took 35 secs off last month's PB (is there no stopping you?), there was also a PB for Andrew (11 secs) - well done.
Thanks to the marshals: Georgie, David, Roger, Jillian, Philippa, Laura.

Sep 2014 (Winter course)
Sorry for the delay (had a little trip to watch the Berlin Marathon...). This month we had lots of first timers and Jim Heatley stormed over the line in 1st place with David White in 2nd, Richard M continued his run of PBs with a 30sec one to put him in 3rd place. There was also a 15 sec PB for Natashi who was 1st lady. Well done everyone! Thanks as always to the marshals Georgie, Michael, David, Jennifer C, Theo, Sarah and Graham.
Aug 2014
Club 5k results from last Thurs. In 1st place was Sarah T (great to see you back and on such good form), 2nd was Chitra with an 18 sec PB and 3rd was Brian. There were also PBs for Steve B (16sec), Steve H (14 sec) and Pierre-Louis (2 sec). Welcome to first timers Chris S, Dave and Sophie H - hope you enjoyed it and we see you again, also great to see Jim back from the US and still as speedy as ever. Well run everyone! And thanks marshals Georgie, Andy, Laura, Jennifer and David.
Back to Winter course next month.
July 2014
Congratulations to Riana who stormed over the line in 1st place with a 1min 51 PB! 2nd was Steve H in his race debut and 3rd was David S with a 45 sec PB. Karen also got a PB (17sec) showing she is well and truly back. Well done to all 17 runners on what was a muggy evening. Thanks to the marshals Chitra, Colin, Joolz and Jenny.
June 2014
a small select group of 16 speedy runners tonight with 7 PBs! First over the line was our Arrow of the Month, Pierre-Louis, who ably demonstrated that he really has got faster after all that marathon training with a 1min 8sec PB. 2nd was Jamie N with a 31 sec PB and 3rd was Ed with a 27sec PB. There were also PBs for Laura H (22 sec), Justin (17sec), Warrick (12 sec) and Jennifer (8sec). Well done to Natasha on her first Club 5k and hope we see you next time. Thanks again to the marshals: Jillian, Georgie, Laura, Sarah, Steve H and Steve B.
May 2014
We had a great turnout with 23 runners and 1st over the line was Ant Bown, in 2nd place Alexandra Silba (welcome both of you) and in 3rd place Nicola who did an amazing 2min 16sec PB!! There were also PBs for: Tracy C (1m27s), Helen S-P (1m22s), Annabel (41s), Jamie N (24s), Gordon A (24s), Andy J (22s) and Ed (11s). Also great to see Karen back and obviously on great form as only 26 secs off her PB.
Thank you to Georgie, Richard, Sophie, and David for marshalling....
April 2014
We made it onto the summer course and had a great turnout of 24 runners and lots of marshals. Congratulations to Olivia Hessey who crossed the line in 1st place well ahead of the pack, Paul was 2nd and Annabel Taylor was 3rd. Great to see so many first timers and a welcome also to Adrian James and Jonny Baker. There were PBs for Warrick, our fastest man (41 sec), Paul H (39 sec), Gordon (26 sec), yet another for Justin proving last month was not a fluke (19 sec...), Simon (12 sec) and Colin (9 sec). Well done everyone.
Thanks to Sarah, Georgie, Andy, Simon, Chitra, Jenny,and Julia for marshalling.
Mar 2014
We had a good turnout in the end with 19 runners, 6 marshals and 3 pacers. Welcome and congratulations to newcomer Tracey Carr who took 1st place, Justin came 2nd with a 2min33sec PB (wow!!) and Philippa O'D came 3rd with a great PB of 1min33. There must have been something in the air tonight as there were also PBs for James A (50 sec), Joanne C (35sec), Richard S (25 sec), Richard M (24 sec), Stephen (23 sec) and Colin (16 sec). Welcome also to Jonathon (3rd fastes...t man) and Sophie - well run and I hope we see you back next time. Thanks to the marshals Georgie, Viddy, Sarah, Graham, Ed, and Jen and Pierre-Louis.
Feb 2014
Wow - 26 runners - probably our biggest night ever plus marshals too. First over the line was first timer James Allsopp who will be starting a little later next month. PBs for Pierre-Louis and Philippa Evett. Some solid times from lots of other runners and a quite a few of you slowly coming back to form after injury.
Fantastic night - so great to run with so many people to chase and race. Great night at the pub too.
PLEASE in March - try to arrive a little bit earlier and PLEASE listen to the marshal's instructions. It gets a bit hectic on handicap nights!
Jan 2014
There was a select group of 12 runners this month bit we still managed a few PBs. first across the line was Dan Day who knocked 15 seconds off his all time best. Warrick Raath also PB'd with 18:25. Welcome also to first timers Philipa Evett, and Nicola Bridgen who we hope will be back again in Feb to take another bash at this - now they know the route. Thanks to all the Marshalls for making this possible too.
Nov 2013
There was a great turnout for our last Club 5k of the year (trying to sneak in those extra League points maybe) with 22 runners and 6 marshals. Congratulations to Bev, who apparently wouldn't have come if she's known it was 5k night, as she won!! It just goes to show, you can't win it if you aren't in it. 2nd place went to Ross and Phil J came in 3rd. Great to Riana for the first time too, so hope you all come again. There were PBs for Warrick (40 sec), Jen F (19s), Elliot (13s) and Richard M (10s). Well done everyone.
Thanks to the marshals Georgie, Chitra, Steve B, Jenny, Ed and John C.
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