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Club Standards 2017 - closed


Harpenden Arrows Club Standards Scheme - 2017
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Applications for Club Standards for 2017 are now CLOSED

We will be running the 'Club Standards' awards again in 2017, with a few very small adjustments. The basic idea is to give everybody the opportunity to work towards a 'standard' which is based on a performance level for your age. Lets face it, most of us are never going to be running at the same pace as some of the faster guys (and girls!) but its always good to have a target to aim for - and its only fair that some of us older people get a bit of help when trying to compare our performance with some of you younger ones.

Fortunately there is a scheme which allows performance to be calcualted based on gender and age - its called the WAVA score. You can read all about it here. Fetch Wava Calculator

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Parkrun 2nd May 2015

Parkrun is a timed 5k run that takes place at 9 O'clock every Saturday morning across a large number of venues in the UK, and some overseas. It’s for all levels of runners from brand new beginners to those wanting to improve their sprints. It’s absolutely free, just turn up and run ….. but if you register on line at you can get a bar code that gets scanned each time you run and you build up a table of your own personal results (your one personal bar code works at allParkruns, even those overseas).

One thing that all Parkruns have in common is that they are fun and all involved are really friendly and welcoming to all runners.
There are a number of venues close to Harpenden, the nearest and most popular is the St Albans Parkrun. This usually attracts around 300-350 runners with 5-15 arrows turning up.
There are also Parkruns in Luton and Panshanger (near to Hertford). More are popping up all the time …. look out for Gadebridge in Hemel Hempstead
Parkruns have varying terrains, but St Albans and Luton are very similar. Both are pretty flat and involve running three times around a lake in a park on tarmac, so very good underfoot and both offer PB possibilities.
Panshanger is very different. It is off-road and more akin to a cross-country with plenty of mud on wet days. It is a single 5k lap , once again, around a lake with some small hills.
There are over 250 Parkruns in parks around the UK, so if you are away on a Saturday check out the Parkrun website to search for a parkrun near to you.
 (And this video by John Rowlands too!)

What does the club do?

The club meets regulary every Tuesday and Thursday (see Where to meet ) for 'normal' running nights and once a month usually on the last Thursday of the month we usually do a little 5k handicap followed by a trip to the pub. From time to time we have guest speakers and trainers visit us and we also try to 'mix it up' a bit with hill reps, speedwork and various other training activities.


We have a busy social calendar too. (See Socilal )

The club encourages members to take part in events and competitions. Although its not compulsory its great to see a good Arrows turnout at a race and we often do pretty well in individual and team prizes.

We have two club schemes in place to recognise and reward achievements - the club standards scheme and the club league - details below.

Once a year we organise an 'away team' to go and run a marathon. So far we have sent groups to Nice and Amsterdam, and 2012 we are going to the Florence marathon. (Munich 2013)

And if that wasn't enough we also take part in the local cross country league which we did rather well in in the 2011/12 season.

Arrows Training Plans

To help members prepare for races and events we've collected together a number of training plans you might find useful! You'll need to tweak the dates a bit to fit your own schedule. Just remember all training plans are guides not bibles so please don't beat yourself up if you miss the odd run!

First 10K

First 10k - Herts 10k 2013?  - Special 8 week plan just for you!

First Half Marathon

First Marathon

Sub 4:30 Marathon (RW)

Sub 3hr Marathon

5k Handicap

The third Tuesday of the month (unless notified otherwise) we run a 5k handicap race. Its a lot of fun and because we start the slower runners off first the quick people have to work extra hard if they want to win. We meet at the club as normal but try to be a few minutes early so that we can work out your start time etc.

After the race we either have cake or head down to the Engineer pub for a bite to eat and a well earned drink. (You can come to the cake / pub if you didn't run too.)

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