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In Case of Emergency Tags (ICE)

IN CASE of EMERGENCY (ICE) identification tags. All runners are encouraged to carry with them an ICE tag whenever and wherever they run. The company ICEtags will do a set of three, each with the Arrows logo on the back and your info on the front, currently (April 2017) for only £4.20 (including postage) ... a real bargain. Each tag comes with a small hole so you can thread your shoe lace through it and have it permanently fixed to your shoe so you never forget it. The club logo is already stored at ICEtags.

Simply go to the ICEtag website, click on the 'runner identification' in the red banner, fill in your ICE details and click 'add to cart'. Click on the shopping cart and go through the checkout procedure. During this procedure a 'comments' box will appear - enter "member of harpenden arrows" - this will result in the Harpenden Arrows logo being printed on the reverse side of each tag.
Couldn't be simpler.

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