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Louisa Thompson
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I took up running just over two years ago to lose some weight get fit etc etc.  My first race was the Whipsnade 10k and I was happy just to complete it.  
Soon after that I was persuaded by some Arrows to join the club and since then have run distances and places I would never have considered. 

(Webmaster - look at her now - see Arrow of the month profile)

Arrow of the Month May 2015

Richard Moreton


I first started jogging/running 7 or 8 years ago as a way to lose a bit of weight after having done little in the way of exercise apart from swimming for some years. I started off really slowly, jogging with the dog as cover. Slowly this extended beyond 5-6k once a week to twice a week this went on for several years although I did manage to loose a few pounds on the way and realised that I started to enjoy it!
It was really only when I considered entering an event at my son’s school, St. Georges’ Great Curry Run 2012 whcih was about 22km, this was much further than I had ever run before.
As a result I started to run more but I picked up an injury and missed the event although I did manage to enter my first public events later that year – Wheathampstead 10k and then Herts 10k, which took me c 52-53mins.


Colin Wareham
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Mobile 07921 265271


Having been involved with sport on and off since about the age of 4 setting up a running/ sports shop became inevitable. We very quickly started to focus on specialising in running and from this with the help of two other keen runners Anita and Amy set up Harpenden Arrows in 2007.

Up until this point I only jogged to keep fit in order to help my Tennis. Very soon after setting up the club I began to run further and for longer. The club started to grow and so did my enthusiasm for running distance. The main catalyst has been running with other people.


Through the club I have met some wonderful people who give tips, are able to identify with when various running problems are encountered, encourage and support through the ups and downs (mainly ups) of running. I have ran 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and now completed 4 full marathons.
My main role as chairman is to keep control of our very able, enthusiastic, hard working and demanding committee. To ensure the club continues to grow and fulfil the clubs aims and constitution.


Committee Profile Jennifer Finlay

Committee Member Jennifer Finlay 

(From her Arrow of the Month profile)


Jen at the Amsterdam marathon 2011
Jen at the Amsterdam marathon 2011

Vital statistics (ie editor's note):

Jen is lovely! Always has a smile on her face whatever the weather. A keen runner you’ll see her down the club and at various races throughout the year. I’ve had the pleasure of spending many an hour running with Jen on one of Richard J’s Sunday (if it’s not muddy it’s not hard core enough) runs - though I suspect she’s now way too fast for me!



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Men's Captain

Men's Captain for 2015: Simon Speirs (or Speirsy)

As Men’s Captain I want to help everyone to enjoy running for running’s sake, rather than for whatever the reason that got you started in the 1st place. I enjoy just putting my shoes on and going off for a trot anywhere or anytime and I’d like people to feel the same. But so often running is such an individual sport - battling against the clock, yourself, a hill or just that next step. Being part of a club and a team helps to keep my enthusiasm for running alive.

Personally, I like trying lots of different distances, running on the trails rather than on roads, mixing up my training and using a head-torch to keep off the roads during the long winter months. I know that this is not for everyone - but hopefully no-one will mind me trying to encourage others to give it a go.

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John Rowlands

John Rowlands - Welfare Officer / Kit Secretary

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John in the Atacama Desert near to San Pedro De Atacama in northern Chile.

John in the Atacama Desert near to San Pedro De Atacama in northern Chile




I started running at the age of 37, mainly by accident. I had volunteered to take part in a sponsored walk only to discover that it was 100km. To get fit for it I started jogging and one thing led to another.



3 marathons, 2 ultras and multiple shorter distances. Life and work got in the way of my running so I did stop for a few years, but then the Arrows Club came to my rescue.



The camaraderie of a club night run, especially on cold and rainy winter nights, is what gets me out and keeps me running.     



Club Secretary

Michael Hessey

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Looking back I think that I have always ran - but only for about a maximum of one lap around an athletics track. I then presumed that my legs would fall off or my heart explode. I couldn’t get my head around running two or three, let alone four laps which my 1970s and 1980s heroes - Ovett, Coe, Cram etc - were doing, at world record pace, every week.  


Those people I used to watch on telly early on a Sunday morning every April running 26.2 miles around the streets of London, were, I considered, totally bonkers. 

I am now one of those people.

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Development Committee Chair

Ladies Captain for 2015: Louise Crosby

I have been running on and off for most of my life with varying degrees of commitment, but only recently began to take it seriously and discovered just how enjoyable it is to be in a club with the support, motivation and challenges it brings.

As Ladies’ Captain, I want to encourage you to keep on running when life gets in the way, and to try things that may be outside your comfort zone. I have learnt that running races that are ‘not my distance’; trying to keep up with the faster runners on club nights; mixing up my training and running regularly brings lovely rewards and keeps me enthusiastic and motivated. I also found that even mud and hills can be fun when you are part of a team.

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Ladies Captain

Ladies Captain Jillian Russell ('the smiley Scottish one')


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