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Club Ethos

We've tried to capture the character of our club in a club ethos statement.

As many of us run to improve, we are always running with the aim to catch the person just in front but please be mindful as a runner in a club you are also responsible for looking out for the person just behind.

As a running CLUB we welcome members in all shapes and sizes.



We all like to run to get fit / stay fit / lose weight / compete / hit a goal – or just because it’s fun.


We celebrate each other’s achievements at whatever level.


When we run on club nights we do it together because as members of a CLUB we enjoy each other’s company, we feed off each other’s encouragement / advice / experience AND because above all else we want to look after each other. By joining a club we accept our share of the club’s desire and responsibility to take care of its members.


There is no point coming to run on a CLUB night if you simply want to do your own thing. Just go do it!


We never leave a runner struggling at the back. Every member of the group should be able to see every other member at all times. If you find yourself out at the front for a while on a particular run then you need to do two things:

On that night begin looping. From the front of the group run BACK to behind the last runner in your group. Feel free to run at your pace back through the group again to the front and repeat as necessary. (You can turn this into a very effective training session too!)

Next time:
Think about maybe running with the next faster group but please aim to be realistic with your expected pace. When you are one of the fastest runners in the group it’s an easy run for you but we expect you to use your speed to help keep the group together, safe and well motivated, and not simply rip the group apart. We aim to make your club experience a mixture of run types so sometime you are looping for others and sometimes others might be looping for you.


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